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AI: Artificial Intelligence

As shown at the Annual NATGA Congress, Paso Robles, CA October 8-10, 2023

Using Artificial Intelligence for the Identification of Truffles

By Ronald Toth

As a member of the NATGA Marketing Task Force, it has been an initiative to standardize and democratize the use of technologies for truffle applications. Iterative steps would include automating the process of tree certification via existing technologies.

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been integrated into continually increasing aspects of most industries, including agriculture.  Truffle farming will be not an exception.  Utilization of AI, in a similar fashion to medical diagnostics and facial recognition can be fitted to truffle spore and mycorrhizae identification.  AI lends itself to lower costs, shorter lead times, broader availability of services and high result accuracy.  Tuber melanosporum growers and tree producers can see the quickest benefit of this technology.

Truffle VOC detection:

Animals have consistently been used to find truffles in nature and farms. There is potential for the detection of the VOCs emitted by truffles to be located by mechanical means. We currently are looking into feasibility of detection devices and truffle recovery machinery. Working in partnership with an engineer who has over 25 years experience in spectrometer use in novel applications.

Fungus as Medicine:

Fungi have traditionally been used to provide health and nourishment. New trends in the use of truffles and other fungi show potential for treatment and preventative care for a range of ailments.


In search of research funding, investor and partners to help build these systems. 

Internship opportunities:

Computer Science: Image recognition, line mapping and statistical software development and deployment. 

Mechanical Engineering : Optics and machinery design.  Extensions of the base identification technology is aimed towards automating tree certification.

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